Ever wanted to work on core natural language processing and applied machine learning with special focus on curing conic illnesses caused by aging? Be a part of Synergetics' AI research team and contribute to some of the most challenging problems in NLP and machine learning applied to various diseases being researched by the National Institute of Health. Build cutting edge natural language understanding technologies and deploy them to help save lives. Your work will advance and shape the future of how diseases are analyzed and understood on a global scale,

Key Qualifications

  • Biological Categorization expertise (3-5 years)
  • Biomedical Scientific expertise (3-5 years)
  • Scientific Documentation and Categorization
  • Academic / Industry experience in NLP and Machine Learning, or similar experience in developing language technologies for production systems
  • Strong coding and software engineering skills in a mainstream programming language, such as Python, .NET, C/C++. (3-5 years)
  • Familiarity with NLP/ML tools and packages like Caffe, pyTorch, TensorFlow, Weka, scikit-learn, nltk, et al.
  • Practical experience building production quality applications related to natural language processing and machine learning.
  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms and ability to apply them in data driven natural language processing systems.
  • Ability to quickly prototype ideas / solutions, perform critical analysis, and use creative approaches for solving complex problems.
  • Ability to collaborate closely with cross-functional teams
  • Clear oral and written communication


We are looking for a highly motivated technologist with a strong background in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. In this position you will apply your problem solving skills to language technology challenges and opportunities within Synergetics' various AI research initiatives, mostly focused on biological and health research. The primary responsibility of this role is to apply innovative machine learning and NLP solutions for Synergetics and its customers. You will also have the opportunity to scale these innovations and technologies across a variety of fields of research. Close collaboration with the research group will give you the opportunity to help define future technical directions.

Education & Experience

Masters / PhD in Machine Learning, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or related field with specialization in natural language processing and/or machine learning.